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The Book Bar

Over the past summer a number of Vestal Designers lived in the same house, a 70s-era ranch west of Palo Alto. As it was on a golf course, and had an actual vineyard attached, we referred to affectionately as "The Vineyard" and had a lot of social gatherings there.

One of our non-Vestal housemates worked at the Stanford library, and his job included the task of throwing away old books, which apparently the other librarians couldn't bear to do. We decided to rescue these books from that awful fate - and what better use for them than a bar from which to entertain our frequent guests?

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In any case, the books were not damaged at all in construction (except for the ones we surfaced the countertop with), as we didn't use any fasteners. We threaded sheets of paper between books but used no glue. So if anyone discovers there's a desperate shortage of journals on endocrinology and virology, drop us a line.

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