Web Design

Vestal Design is unique in our adherence to principles – those of quality, legibility, and style. Entering a web site is like walking into a store: it should be clean, inviting, informative, and compelling. And, unlike many other firms, Vestal WebDesign does not just design webpages, we also design environmentally-friendly products, and software interfaces. This broad perspective enables us to understand your business and create the perfect website.

Web Design Portfolio

3D Flash Carousel Campus Vortex City Guide PodTech.Net Media Player PodTech.NET Technology Podcasting Sphere Online Magazine Flickr Shufflr Writebird.com Kellogg Furniture Design Coffeeshop – Multimedia P2P Cut&Paste Labs Website Grooveking T-Shirts turning•point – Ring Studio Futureproof/ed Ecodesign Inhabitat.com Server Management Cut & Paste Labs Environmental Leadership Magazine Yale Beinecke Manuscript Library Yottabricks WearingChange.org Conference Permítannos Estudiar

About Vestal Design

Vestal Design is about creativity. Our designers come from a diverse background of architecture, art, programming, engineering, history, and environmental studies. Our three independent divisions regularly exchange ideas and share projects.

At our studios we emphasize a culture of off-the-wall excitement, where designers are free to argue about fonts, build prototypes, and pursue their own projects. Our strong belief in process and well-principled design, as well as our commitment to environmental and social goals makes us a highly effective, if eclectic, team.

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