Vestal’s designers are constantly exercising their imaginations, working on new ideas even after the work day ends. Vestal Labs is the showcase for these ideas; some realized, some ridiculous, all innovative.

There’s some wacky stuff in here, but in the tradition of Google Labs, some projects may eventually “graduate” to become real products. We’ve left these pages open to comments as well, so that visitors can chip in with their own ideas.

In addition to our own ideas, we actively work with other interesting groups outside of Vestal. You can view these ideas and our support at Vestal Design Labs

Vestal Labs

3D Flash Carousel Train Tickets, Rethought Tree Simulator SHRIMP Refugee Housing DoubleSpace Kitchenette Flickr Shufflr Edible Architecture: Cake 2.0 Coffeeshop – Multimedia P2P Feral Robotic Dogs Ooz Goose

About Vestal Design

Vestal Design is about creativity. Our designers come from a diverse background of architecture, art, programming, engineering, history, and environmental studies. Our three independent divisions regularly exchange ideas and share projects.

At our studios we emphasize a culture of off-the-wall excitement, where designers are free to argue about fonts, build prototypes, and pursue their own projects. Our strong belief in process and well-principled design, as well as our commitment to environmental and social goals makes us a highly effective, if eclectic, team.

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