DIY Leg Lamp

February 5th, 2007

After sacrificing his body to a vicious slide tackle, Vestal designer Diego Rotalde had his ankle set until the swelling and pain subsided. Seven crutch-filled days later, Diego got the gift of mobility back, along with his cast. The Peruvian wasted no time turning his former shackle into something of artistic value, the DIY Leg Lamp. As we say here in Lima, when life hands you limones, you make limonada.

DIY Leg Lamp:
Time – Five Minutes
Materials – Lamp with energy-saving light bulb, a CD, leg cast.
Tools – A good knife

1. Find a lamp that either has a decorative piece to balance the cast on or is built in such a way to avoid having the bulb touch the guaze. Many lamps have guards around the bulb used to support regular lampshades. This is probably safer. If you cast has been cut in half, you can use a bandage (or glue) to reform it to the shape of your leg.

2. Cut a decently large hole in the toe (or bottom of the foot, or wherever seems best)

3. Slip the cast over the bulb. Use the CD (or a piece of cardboard depending on how wide your calf is) to regulate the amount of light coming out the top.

4. Enjoy!

Fans of holiday films might recognize a similarity to the ‘major award’ won by the father in A Christmas Story.