Plastic Bag Wallet

March 20th, 2006

To follow up on the last post: after hearing about Karin Carter’s SLiK textile last summer, I set out to make some myself. Ironing plastic bags together required careful control of the iron temperature – also, laying the plastic between two layers of paper helped transfer the heat more evenly. The result was a paper-like material similar to Tyvek, made by DuPont, which could either be sewn or melted to form seams.

Tyvek and similar materials have been use in a range of products – one that comes to mind is American Apparel’s Tyvek jacket. It’s very lightweight, and is more like fabric than paper.

Tyvek is not accepted at most recycling programs – however DuPont runs a Tyvek recycling program in the US.

Larger images: